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Fans weren’t sure what to expect when Bravo announced Winter lodge, a fallout between Summer house and Southern charm. The reality show had faces from both series, but this time they were in neutral territory. Instead of being in Charleston or Montauk, the show was shot in Stowe, Vermont.

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Well installed in a winter house, the actors organized themed evenings, hurtled down the slopes and multiple meetings and relationships occurred. Now that the show is over, fans have flocked to Instagram to see what the cast is up to and are demanding a second season. However, before all of that happened, there are still plenty of behind-the-scenes action fans that fans don’t know.


Austen and Craig weren’t used to surveillance

Winter House Party with everyone dressed like they're in high school on Winter House

In other Bravo shows like The real housewives, breaking the fourth wall rarely happens because it would take away the purpose of the show. In Winter house, there were producers with cameras, but there were also surveillance cameras hidden throughout the house to pick up things the producers couldn’t.

Summer house the stars were used to surveillance cameras, but Southern charm members Austen and Craig did not know them. “We’re so used to cameras breaking down,” Austen said on her and Craig’s podcast, Pillows and Beer. Craig added: “We have never done surveillance before on Southern charm. This fun part definitely has downsides for us because it is raw. And so, you can see our “not so great” moments. ”

Craig fell down the stairs

Craig Conover smiling while basking in Bravo

Craig is one of the best Bravolebrities for his time on Southern charm, and now Winter house. He is down to earth and says what he thinks despite sometimes unpopular choices. Craig can also be unintentionally hilarious when he makes mistakes.

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An example of this was in a behind-the-scenes moment that didn’t make it to the screen. According to Memory aid, Craig fell in the Winter house stairs. “I have to go up about three times. I’m in my snowboard socks and think I’m falling down the stairs. And you just hear me go, ‘ow,’” he said.

Stay at home

Home to Stowe, VT on Winter House

With 12 stars, a team of producers and all their gear, Bravo had to find a massive house that could accommodate everyone for two weeks. And according to Burlington Free Press, this house was on Nine Hearths Drive.

The winter home measures 6,600 square feet, spans 7.7 acres of land, has six bedrooms and five and a half baths. It was a magical winter oasis for the Bravolebrities, and very different from what the beloved Summer house The castmates were used to their summer home in New York.

An accident has been reported on the property

Gabby is snowboarding at Winter House

There were a few minor incidents that fans saw on Winter house. There were falls on the ski slope, plaster slipped on the ice on the property of the house, and a few tears flowed from romances gone awry. But there was another accident that was not shown on the show which was reported by the Burlington Free Press.

Stowe Police responded to a minor vehicle crash on the property’s private driveway on March 13 during filming,The site reported. The driver in question turned out to be a Bravo producer and was said to have been uninjured.

The cast quarantined for two weeks then filmed for two weeks

The Winter House cast walking outside in costume

Winter house was filmed in February 2021. Due to COVID-19, this made filming difficult as Bravo had to make the house a safe atmosphere for the cast and crew. It was also important to make sure everyone was free from COVID given the number of couples who started in Winter house.

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According to Titbit of reality, the actors had to quarantine themselves nearby for two weeks before entering the Stowe Winter Lodge. It was reported that the cast and crew went through “several rounds of COVID-19 tests due to the pandemic.

No cleaning crew was allowed

Winter House cast party in themed outfits

In one Youtube live video exchange between Austen and Craig, the duo watched an episode of Winter house and shared their thoughts on what was happening on screen, as well as behind the scenes.

While fans were hoping to learn more about Craig and Paige’s sudden relationship, Craig offered helpful insight into what was really going on in the scene. About 21 minutes into the video, Austen and Craig spoke about one of the house themed parties and the mess around the house. “So we weren’t allowed to have maids or a cleaning crew because of COVID,Craig said.The house was therefore a challenge.

Craig and Jules created a great friendship that never showed

Julia McGuire has a funny reaction outside Winter House

Before arriving home, there were a few roommates who did not know each other. Paige’s friends Jason, Gabby and Jules were new to the group and had to get used to new faces. In the Youtube live chat, Craig noted that he and Jules became very close during Winter house, but it was not displayed on the screen.

Jules was primarily involved in the drama between Gabby and Luke and was not seen much with Craig. About 37 minutes after the video started, Craig admitted, “Jules and I have built a pretty impressive friendship in the house. I really like Jules.” Austen agreed and said, “You are definitely bound by the fact that you have relationships. “

There’s a reason some of the cast had so many boxes

A split image of Paige DaSorbo posing on Winter House outside in snow gear

When the Bravo cameras showed everyone was arriving home, Craig and Austen were two of the first there. On the porch of the house were boxes and boxes of items for Paige. The women all admitted to overpacking and sending items to the winter lodge so they didn’t have to fly with them. Considering they had been in the house for two weeks, fans wondered why they had so many boxes.

At Reddit, fans agreed that some of the boxes needed to be filled with decor for their theme nights. As an influencer, Paige continued filming videos for Amazon Live while she was at home. Many of these boxes could have been sponsor items or filming material. A spinoff from Paige’s daily life as an influencer could be Bravo’s next hit reality show.

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