A horticultural holiday brings a colorful landscape to Siva House


They succeeded in both, in the elegant and exacting way of two restaurateurs. However, their favorite gardeners found them, not the other way around. River Hudson and Regina Carter, friends and founders of Horticultural Holiday, were having brunch at Farm in 2017 when they approached Ostoich with a nudge. “We were impressed to be transported to the south of France in its outdoor dining room, but one thing was missing: flowers!” Hudson said. “Liz’s eyes lit up with intrigue when we mentioned our specialization.”

Horticultural holidays leaves clients and their guests with the feeling of caring that comes from individualized garden design. By pushing boundaries through design and plant specimens, Horticultural Holiday creates a pause, “anchoring the present moment through the beauty, arrangement and combinations of plantings”. For these two childhood friends turned business partners, and for Ostoich, a collective mantra rings true: flowers, always.

“I wanted the gardens of the Farm to evoke a lush garden in Provence,” recalls Ostoich. “Their vision was magical.” With French-inspired flowers planted in the restaurant’s charming courtyards, the women were invited up the mountainside to tour the couple’s home and grounds. Carter says “their creative minds got to work as soon as we drove up the steep driveway to this iconic and historic architectural feat.”


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