Advocate for people to register for emergency temporary accommodation


Published on April 01, 2022

Byron Shire residents who have lost their homes to flooding should immediately register as needing temporary emergency accommodation with Service NSW.

Many people have found temporary accommodation through friends, family and the kindness of community agencies, but we know that many of these short-term arrangements will soon come to an end.

If you know you will need medium to long term accommodation, Service NSW needs your contact details to understand the extent of the need and to be able to find or order accommodation.

It is important to note that the number of people who sign up for temporary emergency accommodation will give the NSW government a clear indication of the needs in the community, which could impact future funding and temporary accommodation such as mobile homes and accommodation modules similar to those used after the bushfires several years ago.

Byron Shire Mayor Michael Lyon said around 800 people would be in temporary short-term accommodation.

“I know that in the days after the flood people struggled to find accommodation because there was no help available, and community and local providers stepped in.

“But now I urge people to register through Service NSW for peace of mind when it comes to finding short and medium term accommodation,” said the mayor of Lyon.

“Hard numbers will help us push for our community to get the homes they need,” he said.

Benefits of registering for temporary emergency accommodation through Service NSW include:

  • Access to social benefits
  • Access to grants

People can sign up for temporary emergency accommodation through the Service NSW website.

For media interviews, contact Michael Lyon, Mayor of Byron Shire, on 0435 646 365.


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