Affogata from Green House Coffee and 6 other good things


1. We love treating ourselves to an affogato of Green House Cafe and Affogato Bar (431 S Jefferson Ave Suite 172, Springfield). You can choose your ice cream flavor and espresso or tea option to create your own affogato creation. Just pour the shot over the ice cream and dig in.

2. Our new favorite comfort food is lamb biryani from Taj Mahal (1250 E. Republic Road, Springfield). This dish is packed with flavor – plus lots of spice if you ask – and it has super tender chunks of lamb in every bite.

3. We rarely deviate from our favorite pho during our visit Pho Kim (3433 S. Campbell Ave., Suite C., Springfield), so imagine our delight when we tried and loved their chicken fried rice. It has the most satisfying crispy and crunchy pieces of rice.

4. For something as gourmet as it is comforting, we love the wagyu meatballs from Steakhouse and oyster bar (1620 E. Republic Road, Springfield), served with sage mushroom sauce and marinara.

5. We are going to TO GET UP (105 Central Park Square, Springfield) for digging into inventive dishes, and the Give Me Summer Ricotta Pancakes don’t disappoint. They are topped with kiwi, banana, candied orange and strawberry sauce.

6. The Candy Craze milkshake from Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill (Big Cedar Lodge, 190 Top of the Rock Road) is an over-the-top sweet tooth tamer. Cotton candy ice cream is topped with rock candies, Twizzlers, a swirl lollipop, cotton candy and a Sixlets rim.

7. We recently had a great start to the day when we dug into the Power Breakfast Bowl at architect cafe (1604 E. Republic Road, Springfield417-771-5030). The yogurt is topped with granola, quinoa, berries, banana, chia seeds, chocolate chips and honey for an explosion of flavorful textures.


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