Andhra Pradesh: Girl Protests Outside Boyfriend’s House After Marriage Proposal Rejected | Vijayawada News

In a shocking incident, a young woman has been staging a sit-in protest outside her boyfriend’s house for two days after he refused to marry her in Chitti Nagar of Vijayawada.
Neither the girl nor her family members were prepared to press charges, even after multiple requests from Two Town police, SHO told TOI.
Vijayawada Two Town Police told TOI that Gannavaram’s wife from Krishna district and boy named Rayana Raviteja, resident of Chitti Nagar, Vijayawada met at a fashion design institute in Vijayawada and fell in love in 2016. Since then, the two were in a relationship. Apparently, the two had sex on several occasions.
When the girl asked the boy to marry her, he refused. Apparently, the boy and his family reject the girl’s request to marry him, because she belongs to the intended caste.
The girl’s family alleged that the police favored Raviteja’s family, citing Vijaywada City Mayor Rayana Baghyalkshmi’s close family relationship with the boy’s family.
However, the police condemned the allegation saying that so far they have received no complaints from the girl or any of her family members.
SHO also said that when the police spoke to the girl and asked her to file a complaint so that the police could take action in the case, the latter rejected and said she only wanted the boy the wife and that she is not interested in filing a complaint. complaint against the boy.
Without pressing charges or making a statement to cops, police face a dilemma in this case, SHO added.

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