Banchory Lodge hotel obtains authorization to install catering modules



Banchory Lodge Hotel

The hotel had applied to Aberdeenshire Council to install a pergola and catering modules. The request was reviewed by the Marr region committee on Tuesday, February 16.

The outdoor dining room will include a paved dining terrace covered by the pergola. A paved path will be formed leading to the five catering modules and an outhouse.

The catering modules will be equipped with seats and a table to accommodate a maximum of six people, subject to restrictions related to the coronavirus. The proposal also includes compensatory tree planting for the unauthorized loss of mature trees covered by a tree preservation order and removed from the site prior to the filing of the planning application.

The request received three objections raising concerns over issues such as increased noise, impact on neighbors and smells of food and cigarettes.

Banchory Community Council welcomed the development but said the loss of trees has affected the hotel setting and is impacting housing north of the site. They suggested that the area be replanted with trees once the temporary permission expires.

Aberdeenshire Council officials had recommended approval of the plan, saying economic benefits and compensatory planting allow the proposal to be “acceptable”.

Councilor Rosemary Bruce said: “I absolutely want to support the Banchory Lodge Hotel and any other business that finds ways around this very difficult situation we find ourselves in right now and alfresco dining is a fitting reason for the to do.” She noted that tree cutting is a “serious problem”, but said she did not want this to hamper the decision and added that since the request is temporary for two years, she was ready to go. to support.

Councilor Moira Ingleby also backed the plans and said the dining modules “would add a welcome dining experience to Banchory” and be “really popular” when the restrictions are relaxed.



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