bhosale: Jewelry worth 24l stolen from former mayor’s house | Pune News

PUNE: Hadapsar Police arrested a domestic helper on Friday after former Pune mayor Rajlaxmi Bhosale filed a complaint accusing the woman of stealing diamond jewelry worth Rs23.5 lakh from his bungalow in Magarpatta City after an event to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary was held recently.
A criminal court remanded the domestic helper into custody until May 24.

In his statement to police, Bhosale (66) said the event took place on the lawns of his bungalow on the evening of May 14 and took place a few hours after midnight. After that, she wrapped her necklace, four bracelets and three rings (all set with diamonds) in a handkerchief and kept them on a dressing table in her bedroom. On May 17, she realized she had forgotten to keep the jewelry in her safe and reached the dressing table to find the handkerchief was there but the jewelry was missing.
Bhosale told TOI on Friday, “After interviewing all the housekeepers, I conducted a thorough search in my room and other places, but I could not find the jewelry. I finally contacted the police on Thursday to press charges as I strongly suspect that one of my housekeepers, who had access to my room, committed the theft. We are providing all possible assistance and cooperating with the police in the conduct of the investigation.
Hadapsar Police Deputy Inspector Vijaykumar Shinde said, “We arrested the domestic helper based on Bhosale’s complaint. The female suspect hasn’t confessed to her involvement in the jewelry theft yet, but we’re questioning her.
Deputy Police Commissioner (Area-V) Namrata Patil said five domestic helpers worked in the bungalow. “The woman named in the complaint was responsible for cleaning the bedroom, dressing table and other related work in the Bhosale household. While other domestic helpers do different jobs. Bhosale inquired with the suspect about her stolen jewelry, but she denied involvement in the crime. . We will focus on people with access to the former mayor’s room,” she said.


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