Dead Man’s Flats Approved Visitor Accommodation


“If you’re in a three-bedroom unit, you can be two families and get there in separate vehicles. We want to make sure we can accommodate this onsite parking. »

DEAD MAN’S FLATS – A new 107-unit visitor accommodation development with two retail spaces has been approved for Dead Man’s Flats.

The Bighorn Municipal District Municipal Planning Commission gave the go-ahead Feb. 16 for the project, which will be built at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street in the Hamlet.

The building, which will be known as Sparrowhawk Lodge, will feature a roughly even split of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

The site, however, will have 150 parking spaces in underground and above-ground options. Under the planning regulations, the site needed at least 115 parking spaces.

“If you’re in a three-bedroom unit, you can be two families and get there in separate vehicles. We want to make sure we can accommodate that on-site parking,” said Chris Sparrow, director of MTA Urban Design Architecture Interior Design Inc.

The project was designed by Canmore-based Distinctive Homes, and the units will be owned, which in turn will be rented. The development will have amenities such as a fitness room, swimming pool, hot tub and communal fire pits.

Since this is visitor accommodation, under MD land use planning regulations, a person could not stay in the building for more than 75 days per year.

Some of the 61 conditions approved by the commission will see customer information kept in a register that will be audited quarterly for at least two years. The move is an effort to ensure compliance with guest land use regulations by both the condo board and the MD.

Earlier in the commission meeting, a similar condition was approved for Copperstone Resort. The property has been rezoned from resort accommodation to visitor accommodation as the full 24/7 lobby is being converted to a partial lobby.

James Fisher, general manager of construction for Distinctive Homes, agreed that having the same policies and requirements for similar units is in the best interest of the municipality.

“Honestly, these buildings from a DM perspective, it’s probably best that you run on very similar parameters to each other,” he said.

Peka Professional Property Management, which is the largest property manager in the Bow Valley, will manage the site.

The plans also received a 10% height variance on parts of the roof, while existing buildings on the property received planning permission to demolish structures.

Under the MD Municipal Development Plan, future commercial development is expected to be based on tourism, recreation enthusiasts and local residents. The Dead Man’s Flats neighborhood redevelopment plan, adopted in 2013, also emphasizes pedestrians in the hamlet.

Alberta Transportation has long had the option of a possible future realignment of the Trans-Canada Highway intersection to redirect traffic to 2nd Avenue. However, there are no immediate plans to do so and no budget has been set aside by the province.


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