Easy Getaways: Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa

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  • The location

    Located just an hour’s drive from central London, Newmarket might not be on your must-visit list, with neighboring Cambridge and its whimsical historic bridges, Gothic cathedrals and ability to navigate the waterways taking more than its share of the limelight, but the pretty market town is well worth a visit. Especially if you are a horse fan. And the spas.

    The birthplace of horse racing (no doubt you’ve been to Newmarket thanks to the horse statues lining the street), it has the largest racehorse training facility in the country, but for a town which revels in high-octane and thoroughbred sports, the place exudes an incredibly calm feeling, especially when it comes to the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa.

    The Bedford Lodge Spa

    If you’ve never done a solo spa trip, I suggest you try it here at Bedford Lodge. Yes, you might think that a traditional spa vacation is something you do with a plus, but not having anyone to talk to, or think about (or care about) for a few hours made it possible to literally walk from pool to pool, water experience to hot tub and back, seamlessly. The selfish spa experience is, in my opinion, the perfect spa experience.

    The spa itself is a dream; relaxed, with friendly staff on hand (in case, like me, you get lost) and plenty of places to relax in the upstairs lounge before heading to the rooftop hot tub overlooking stables. But the main event takes place on the ground floor, where modern facilities and impressive design set the spa apart.

    I was lucky and went on a sunny day, where light streamed through the huge windows onto the pool, creating a halo effect on the water, adding to the whole “out of body” experience , but you know, it’s ‘It’ll probably be relaxing on a cloudy day too. The hydrotherapy pool itself offers five different water experiences, including powerful bubbles that are ideal for relieving back tension, rain-style showers and an in-pool seating area so you can lie back in a sea of bubbles before returning to the hammam, then the sauna then the swimming pool again (on a loop).

    A special mention goes to the incredible 90 minutes Balinese hot stone massage, this is the first time that I have almost fallen asleep during a treatment. It was this relaxing.

    For your information: upon arrival you will receive rubber sandals and a bathrobe. So you only have to bring a bathing suit. No wonder this is a five star bubble…

    Bedford Lodge Hotel

    After a hard day at the spa, you’ll probably be too tired to go home. Useful then, that the Bedford Lodge hotel is a few minutes walk from the spa. Flanked by racing stables, the chic hotel offers spacious rooms, Molton Brown products in the bathroom, and remarkable tea and coffee facilities: we’re talking about Teapigs products and a good French press . Plus, breakfast in bed is offered at no additional cost.

    My large double room was on the first floor and overlooked stables belonging to a sheik. I was told these weren’t his ‘main’ stables, so even though these horses weren’t on the A list, their accommodation seemed five star to me. If you had any doubts that you were in horse country, just refer to the friendly hotel staff who told me that between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. every morning around 2000 horses (!) came out to play horse AKA training on the gallop. Just ask reception for the best place to see these horses in action.

    How to book

    A night in a standard room starts from £265 pp.

    Special spa packages include the Sunday Serenity Break, which includes:

    + Relaxing and regenerating massage of 35 minutes

    + Use of hydrotherapy and heat experiences on the day of treatment

    + Use of health and fitness club

    + Soft or hot drink

    + Branded totes and slippers to take home

    + Dinner at the award-winning Squires Restaurant (allowance £35 per person)

    + Guest rooms at the Bedford Lodge hotel

    Price for single person – £355.00

    Head to the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa for more information.


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