Elvis Themed Halloween Party at Camelot House and Lodge


ELVIS was back in the room when residents and staff at a Wellington nursing home participated in a Halloween party.

The Elvis Presley themed party at Camelot House and Lodge featured an awards ceremony to recognize individual contributions that have helped keep life happy, safe and as normal as possible at home over the past 18 years. month.

Director Sam Paddon said: “It has been a challenge for everyone working in the healthcare sector during the pandemic, and I am so proud of how my team rose to the challenge by bringing happiness and good- to be residents in the foreground. times.

“It’s a real pleasure to celebrate their dedication and the party was a perfect opportunity.”

The prizes awarded were:

  • Helping Hand Award for caregiver Madalina Chito and housekeeper Caroline Boulton;
  • Above and beyond Award, won by caregiver Cecilia Costachi and laundry assistant Debbie Maunder;
  • The most hardworking award went to team leader Vlad Toma and primary caregiver Richard Kingdon;
  • The biggest personality award went to resident caregiver George Maniosu and resident Roy Crawford (aka Crawford);
  • The most sympathetic smile / person award was won by residents Barbara Doubtfire and Judith Ashcroft;
  • The best costume went to resident Pam Boyle and housekeeper Carole Taylor.

Elvis’ theme for the party came after conversations between staff and the people they care for revealed that residents aren’t big fans of standard “spooky” Halloween parties.

However, they were thrilled with the suggestion of an Elvis themed party with a Halloween twist, so the activities team produced “Presleyesque” costumes and applied a Gracelands theme to the main living room decor. .

The entertainment featured activity coordinator Richard Dempslake and his team performing Elvis classics including Hound Dog, Can’t help fall in Love, Suspicious Minds and Always on my Mind, as well as a spooky mix of Jeepers Creepers. , Monster Mash, I put a Spell on You and Bump in the night.

Mr Dempslake said: ‘We even had an appearance of Elvis himself – a cutout, of course, not a ghostly Elvis – and that really pleased one of our residents, Alec Wilmot, who is a great Elvis fan.

“It’s important to note that Elvis songs are familiar to the people with dementia we care for, and they have sparked happy memories for many of them. It was a joy to see how much they enjoyed the event.

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