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Well, Good Vibe Tribe… We have reached the penultimate episode of Winter house and I am already in preventive mourning. I’m not ready for this to be over! And guess what? We are also still in high school. Well, Paige DeSorboIt’s the back-to-school party. You didn’t think we could just get through all of this mean drama so easily, did you? The party is still in full swing. And there’s even a totally random connection with Lindsay hubbard and Jason cameron kissing in his room. This will certainly be the topic of school conversation on Monday morning.

Corn Paige has much bigger issues to deal with than who is dating whom. She has to get to the bottom of this Andrea Denver has or hasn’t told the whole house about their vacation romance. Does he want to be single? Is he leading Paige? Could he be just a crappy Italian playboy planted by Bravo to break the well-dressed heart of our favorite fashionista? Instead of making guesses and getting carried away by her emotions, Paige decides to defuse the bomb. Lindsay fell on his knees going straight to the source.

Paige drawn Andrea aside in private to confront him about the gossip going around the house. And… somehow the Italian stallion manages to get himself out of trouble. He turns on the spell to give Paige the old “just get to know” excuse, while also reminding her how crazy it would be if he was, like, ready to propose after two weeks in a Vermont house. Which completely misses the point because no one said anything about the transition to marriage. But whether or not Paige just hears what she wants to hear, she pretends to be on the same page (get it?) And that’s it. For now at least …

The next day is a ski day on Saturday. And this time, no one has an excuse to stay home. Especially not Amanda batula, who has to face a whole day to follow Kyle cooke and her future super-skier in-laws. (Seriously, though, skiing’s pedigree runs deep in Kyle’s family tree. His grandmother was literally on the US ski team for the 1940 Winter Olympics before they were canceled. by World War II.) So as soon as Luc Gulbranson no more bleeding a few trees for maple syrup, it’s time for the slopes.

Winterhouse Season 1 Episode 5 Paige Desorbo Ciara Miller Ski

And after making his future family proud, Amanda retires to the campfire near the lodge to get the latest updates on his friends’ relationships. In a way, Ciara Miller falls deeper and deeper into seriousness as with Austen Kroll. During this time, Paige is determined not to sleep with Andrea. It’s sort of a safety net for his pride. She never wanted to give it all to one guy – just ask a certain Hamptons pantry from a few summers ago. But especially now, just in case she never saw the Italian man of her dreams again once they got back to real life in New York.

After exhausting everything from Hill to the Black Diamond Rabbits, the gang return home for the night. And Lindsay immediately jump into the shower with Jason. Which, like, I understand. He’s a total winner and look at those abs. But does this sudden relationship ring true to anyone? I still feel like it’s a bit of a rebound for both of them after being rejected by their top picks in Austen and Gabrielle Kniery. In any event, Julia McGuire Also arrives home for a surprise flower delivery from her 42-year-old boyfriend, off camera. And seeing the romantic gesture, Craig conover admits that this time away from his girlfriend begins to make him realize that he doesn’t really miss her as much as he should. The night ends with Ciara sleeping in Austen’s bed with the hidden camera. So do what you want with it …

Winter House Season 1 Episode 5 Recap Craig Conover Viking Tug of War

The next day is LukeIt’s time to plan the group’s activity. So of course that means we’re all going outside to do something outdoors. But the Minnesota Highlander has actually planned a pretty fun day with the first annual (fingers crossed!) Winter house Nordic Games. The roommates split into two teams: the Great Heathen Army led by Luke and The Skull Crushers led by Jason. Dressed in their most awe-inspiring and awe-inspiring Viking badges, they then take part in contests you’d never see Kylethe grandmother to do in the Winter Olympics, such as a log throw and a snowy tug of war. Ultimately, the Pagan Grand Army wins the trophy in both events. But honestly all I can think of is how tug of war was the first tease we’ve ever seen from this glorious show after last season. Summer house final.

Everyone is in a rowdy and jovial mood as they return home to all jump into the hot tub together. The only person who is not having fun is Austen, which is taken aback by a text which Madison Le Croy, his manipulative and toxic ex-girlfriend, is in the Charleston hospital. Austen unlocks his number and is quickly bombarded with a barrage of texts that immediately play with his head. Not knowing what to do, he confides in Craig and Andrea, who advises him not to say it Ciara what is happening. Or at the very least not to be honest with her about the depths and darkness of the situation in Madison. It’s definitely not going to turn on him and explode in his face, is it? It doesn’t help that Ciara tries to knock on the door and get barked to “go away”.

Winter House Season 1 Episode 5 Recap Austen Kroll

As everyone sits down for the fabulous Viking themed dinner that Jason prepared, emotions run high. Austenis on edge because of Madison. Ciarais left in the dark not knowing what to think. And when Paige asks what he was talking about so secretly with the guys, Andrea ment through his perfect Italian teeth. Because it respects the sibling code or something like that. Of course, the conversation at the table cannot help but turn to the different inter-house pairings. And when Andrea gets embarrassed by Julia about his intentions with Paige once they leave the house, Austen jumps down her throat. It is an overreaction and unnecessarily aggressive that leaves everyone stunned. Where does this hostility come from?

Walking away from the table, Austen begins to crack. On the verge of tears, he breaks awkwardness with Lindsay to say he wishes he could talk to her about what’s going on. Presumably because she understands the whole never-ending story of the Madison Saga. But instead, he chooses (wisely?) To open up to Ciara. Pulling her into her bedroom, Austen brings up the fact that they haven’t talked about exes since, what, a week and a half they’ve been a thing. Which is kinda funny when you stop and consider Ciara’s ex was literally forcing everyone to throw logs at their heads just a few hours ago. without invoking Madison, he tells Ciara that he’s haunted by his ex. Ciara’s only response is to ask if they’re still on a call and… the episode ends on a steep cliffhanger. Next week, the final!


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