House prices in Redbridge near Ofsted Outstanding Schools


13:11 December 20, 2021

Living near the best schools is a priority for any parent.

The possibility of sending his child to an exceptional school according to the inspector of the academy Ofsted is often a determining factor in the installation of families.

We’ve created an interactive map – using data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Ofsted – that shows you how much it will cost to buy a house near the best schools in your area.

Here is an overview of housing prices in areas of Redbridge with the top rated schools:

Chadwell heath

There are five outstanding schools in the Chadwell Heath area, with accommodation prices varying widely depending on the neighborhood.

Average house prices around Chadwell Heath Academy range from £ 310,000 to £ 462,500.

Likewise, nearby Newbridge School you can expect to pay £ 264,000 on some streets or £ 396,000 on others.

A little further east, towards St Bede Catholic Primary School, real estate prices are more consistent.

You would need £ 415,000-440,000 to live near the Catholic Primary School.

Houses near Atam Academy, at New City College, typically costs around £ 438,000.

However, that rises to £ 465,000 for those near King George Hospital, but drops to £ 425,000 across Eastern Avenue.

About Grove Elementary School, prices range from £ 264,000 to £ 438,000, depending on the neighborhood.

Clay room

The Clayhall area is home to four schools which are top rated by Ofsted.

If you want to live near Béal high school and Hatton School and Special Needs Center, you can expect to pay between £ 550,000 and £ 570,000 between Woodford Avenue and North Circular Road.

But on the east side of Woodford Avenue, a house can cost £ 642,500 near Beal High School or £ 473,000 near Hatton School.

The average price around Redbridge Primary School is around £ 550,000, varying slightly by neighborhood. However, houses to the south – between the school at College Gardens and Eastern Avenue – typically cost £ 687,500.

You can expect to pay £ 552,500 in the immediate vicinity of Parkhill Infant School, but homes in the general area can range from £ 449,950 to £ 642,500 depending on whether you’re close to Clayhall Avenue or Woodford Avenue.


There are five other top schools in Woodford Green and Woodford South.

Trinity Catholic High School in Mornington Road and Wells Elementary School at Barclay Oval are close to each other, just off the High Road.

You could get a house near either school for the relatively affordable price of £ 455,000, but in other neighboring areas the average price jumps to £ 775,000 or even £ 1,007,500.

A little further south, properties in the surrounding area Woodford County High School in the borough of Redbridge are lower, averaging around £ 395,000.

In South Woodford, Churchfields Infant School is in another area where house prices vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood.

You could pay £ 333,750 for a house around the corner from the school, but the prices go up to £ 534,000 in the east and £ 725,000 in the north.

Real estate prices are more consistent around Ray Lodge Elementary School at Snakes Lane East, where a house would typically cost between £ 455,500 and £ 488,000.

But you can expect to pay over half a million pounds to be closer to Hillside Avenue or Broadmead Road.

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