Kent house prices: towns and villages in Kent with the most expensive houses


House prices in Kent have increased rapidly in recent years.

Given the perfect blend of stunning countryside and bustling Kent towns, it’s no wonder the Garden of England is such a popular place to settle.

However, with such a demand for property there is inevitably a dramatically inflated cost.

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As a result, the South East is by far the most expensive part of the country to live in, and Kent is no exception.

County houses – especially in rural lowland villages – often cost an arm and a leg to buy.

Properties sold for over £ 1million are much less rare than they were before.

In fact, three properties sold for over £ 2million in Kent last year alone, and several more that sold for over £ 1million.

Many of them can be found in quiet country retreats dotted around the county, where the rich and powerful can hide behind long alleys and tall hedges.

Using data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), we found the ten most expensive properties sold in Kent over the past three months (July – September 2021).


What remains of the Tudor Palace in Otford
  • 30 Greenhill Road, Otford, Sevenoaks – sold for £ 3,975,000 on August 13
  • Rozel, Shoreham Road, Otford, Sevenoaks – sold for £ 1,875,000 on August 18

Otford is one of the most expensive villages in all of Kent.

The tiny village on the edge of Sevenoaks actually has two entries in the top ten for most expensive properties, but firmly takes the top spot with a property in Greenhill Road.

The house sold for a gargantuan amount of £ 3.975million in mid-August, making it by far Kent’s most expensive property.

Hill of India

Ide Hill near Sevenoaks

Verulam House, Philippines Shaw, Ide Hill, Sevenoaks

Sold for £ 2,850,000 on August 13

Another village on the edge of the Sevenoaks, Ide Hill is one of Kent’s truly idyllic country villages.

It sits atop Greensand Ridge and is one of the highest points in the county.

Verulam House in the village sold for £ 2.85million – Kent’s second most expensive property between July and September.


Impeccable Streets of Sevenoaks
Sevenoaks is the most expensive town in Kent

Hever Lodge, Little Julians Hill, Sevenoaks

Sold for £ 2,250,000 on July 23

From two villages near Sevenoaks to the town itself, this region of Kent is clearly home to the most expensive properties of all.

One house in particular on Little Julians Hill sold for £ 2.25million in July, meaning the four most expensive properties on this list are all within five miles of Sevenoaks town center .

Tunbridge Well

Tunbridge Wells is home to three of the ten most expensive auctions

  • 83 Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells – sold for £ 1,850,000 on September 02
  • High Cedar, Nevill Park, Tunbridge Wells – sold for £ 1,500,000 on August 11
  • 25 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells – sold for £ 1,285,000 on August 18

Just past Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, which doesn’t have one but Three of Kent’s most expensive properties.

All three properties have sold for between £ 1.85million and £ 1.28million, making the cheapest one look like a bargain by comparison.

Home to just under 60,000 people, Tunbridge Wells goes against the trend for more expensive properties to be found in small rural villages.


River Walk, Tonbridge

Great Hayesden Farm, Lower Haysden Lane, Tonbridge

Sold for £ 1,794,000 on August 26

Another of Kent’s largest towns, Tonbridge ranks 8th on the list.

The Great Hayesden Farm property sold for just under £ 1.8million in August, at a cost of almost 5 times the average property price in the market town.


Bell House, Le Forstal, Mersham

Sold for £ 1,388,000 on September 07

From big to small, Mersham barely fits on the map.

Home to just over 1,000 people, Mersham is nestled in the largely agricultural Ashford countryside.

The village is, however, home to one of Kent’s most expensive properties – Bell House – which sold for almost £ 1.4million in September.


Toya, White Post Hill, Farningham

Sold for £ 1,300,000 on July 29

Farningham, another village in the Sevenoaks district, completes the list.

Perhaps best known for being a favorite fishing spot for Charles Dickens, the village is home to just over 1,000 people – and Kent’s ninth most expensive property.

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