Lancewood Cheese unleashes the power of WhatsApp with Techsys Digital


Lancewood Cheese is one of South Africa’s most popular food brands on social media, with over 730,000 Facebook followers. Key to its success is how it uses its social presence to deliver real value to consumers – producing quality, delicious and easy-to-master recipes. Recipes come to life through the way Lancewood makes content engaging and fun – using contests, videos and clicks to the brand’s website to make the consumer journey even richer.

Realizing that WhatsApp – South Africa’s most widely used social media platform – presents the next frontier for engaging with consumers on an even more intimate level, Lancewood reached out to Techsys Digital to strategize on how the brand could achieve certain goals through the messaging app. The main aim of the campaign would be to interact with fans in a fun way on the platform they already trust and love the most, to build Lancewood’s WhatsApp database. The brand also wanted to reward loyal customers with an easy-to-redeem digital voucher and help fans learn about the new Spread Delight range.

Techsys has designed a solution that could meet these goals, as well as surprise and delight ardent Lancewood fans. The first step was to leverage the brand’s highly engaged social media audience with a promoted post that clicked Lancewood’s WhatsApp line. After landing on WhatsApp, consumers were rewarded with an entry into the grand prize draw for a chance to win a year’s worth of Lancewood cheese! Next, fans found out if they had won a digital voucher. Winners received their voucher via WhatsApp and were able to drop their location pin to find their nearest participating store.

To earn additional entries into the grand prize raffle, as well as another chance to win a voucher, entrants could provide details to help enrich the brand’s understanding of its primary consumers. Once a consumer’s journey on the WhatsApp line was complete, they had access to a host of delicious recipes that they could make with their new Lancewood products. A few days after receiving their voucher, consumers who had not yet redeemed received a text message gently reminding them to treat themselves to their next store.

And have fun they did! More than 50% of the vouchers distributed were redeemed, exceeding the benchmark by 10 to 20%. The grand prize draw received over 41,000 entries, showing that people love their Lancewood and they love a competition with a convenient and easy entry mechanism. Lancewood brought over 10,000 new consumers to the line, proving that for mobile engagement, WhatsApp is where your customers want to be.

What’s clear is that consumers love and trust WhatsApp, so why not move your conversation to them? To verify The complete WhatsApp offer from Techsys Digital and try our demos to experience the amazing platform functionality waiting to be unlocked for your brand.

Lancewood Cheese unleashes the power of WhatsApp with Techsys Digital

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