Nationally Renowned Gingerbread House in County Monroe


SKYTOP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – Historic Hotels of America has published a list of 25 must-see gingerbread homes across America. One is located in our region.

About 560 pounds of sugar, about 23 gallons of eggs, a few pounds of cinnamon and flour. A few hundred kilos of flour.

The timeless tradition of gingerbread houses dates back centuries and has its beginnings in Germany. The design here is a replica of the lodge itself.

“Every year at Skytop for the past 15 years, we’ve been making a traditional life-size gingerbread house. We normally start it in August. We start by making all of our gingerbread dough. We freeze it in large batches, ”said Angelo Santelli, Skytop Lodge’s head baker.

Santelli continued, “Then in September we start to roll it out. We make a cardboard model. We measure every little rock. We make several models. And it comes together piece by piece. Everything is edible. It is composed of a royal icing. It’s just a combination of powdered sugar and egg whites that dries like concrete.

Eyewitness News asked the head baker at historic Skytop Lodge if he had any advice for families considering building a gingerbread house as part of their Christmas tradition.

“Patience. A little patience, but I think it’s the fun of building a gingerbread house, especially with children. It’s the smell of pines, of spices, of the freshness in the air. It just puts you in a vacation spirit, ”Santelli said.

Also on the list is the Annual Gingerbread Lodge at the Settlers Inn in Hawley, Wayne County.

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