Shooting at house party results in jail time


According to the statement of facts read in court, Laliberté and the victim had partied together in a house, which included the use of drugs and alcohol.

The victim was celebrating the recent sale of a snowmobile and had spoken openly about the $5,000 in cash he won, most of which was lying around the house.

Carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, Laliberte shot the victim in the leg before grabbing the cash and fleeing the house. The victim was found shortly after by his neighbor lying on his doorstep, covered in blood.

Laliberté was in turn found two days later in Saskatoon driving a stolen vehicle. While fleeing from the police, he crashed into a lamp post. Inside the trunk of the vehicle, police found a hunting knife, shotgun shells and a skull-shaped mask, but none of these items could be traced to Laliberté.

For the shooting incident, Laliberte was given four years and then an additional year on the latter charges relating to dangerous driving and fleeing police.

When given the opportunity to speak, Laliberté told the judge that he felt extremely remorseful for what he had done and that he now just wanted to get on with his life, which included completing his secondary studies.

Judge Healey was also asked to review a letter recommending Laliberte serve part of his sentence at a healing lodge. Healey said he would ask the Correctional Service of Canada to take this into account.

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