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CITY OF GENEVA — La Halte Sud is opening a new address as close as possible to Lake Geneva.

The owners of the New Orleans-inspired restaurant currently operating out of a hunting club in Bloomfield plan to open this spring at Lake Geneva House of Music, N3241 County Road H, City of Geneva.

Located near the limits of the City of Lake Geneva, the Maison de la Musique includes concert halls, a café, a music school and a music production company.

The Southern Stop is no stranger to House of Music events.

House of Music owner Chris Buttleman said he first met The Southern Stop owners Deedee Cave and Ken Lewakowski last year.

Since last July, The Southern Stop has provided food at several events at House of Music, including Taco Fest, Blues Fest and various concerts.

Having The Southern Stop in House of Music is a way for the trio of business owners to fulfill their dreams.

Buttleman said he was looking for someone with catering skills to provide food at his events. Meanwhile, at The Southern Stop, Cave and Lewakowski have always wanted more music to entertain guests while serving them food.

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“We certainly know our way with the food and the business side of it, and Chris does such a phenomenal job of everything with the events and the music that it’s just such a great partnership,” Lewakowski said.

The idea of ​​a merger seemed to have positive feelings for the trio, with each observing how much they like to have fun and respect each other’s ideas.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to have found people I love so much, and so this is such a great fit,” Buttleman said. “I’m thrilled to get the help, the involvement, to help this whole dream come true for me.”

Buttleman started House of Music almost 10 years ago.

In recent years he has moved the music school to its current location – the former Lumberman’s Lodge, a restaurant once popular in the 1960s and 1970s that could seat up to 300 people.

House of Music has branched out into other music-related businesses.

Today, one of the property’s most notable features for those coming from County Road H is the outdoor stage of the CTB Amphitheater, one of House of Music’s three live music venues.

Inside is the House of Music Café, where patrons can enjoy various drinks named after songs by Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and many more.

There’s also a bar, a music class and rehearsal space, and a room with a stage called Studio G.

By this summer, Buttleman hopes to open a full porch seating area with a beer garden.

Other events are also on the horizon, including Jazz Fest on May 13-14, which will be the first outdoor festival of the year at House of Music.

The Jazz Fest and a Feb. 26 show by Yves Francois will both be Mardi Gras-themed, which is right in the wheelhouse of The Southern Stop.

Cave – also the chef of The Southern Stop – hails from New Orleans.

She and Lewakowski spent time there before Hurricane Katrina forced them to move. The couple moved to Colorado, where they opened their first bar and restaurant.

They opened The Southern Stop in July 2017, in a converted barn on N1083 County Highway U, Bloomfield.

If the current location is more of a traditional restaurant, things are different at the Maison de la Musique du Léman.

Cave said they try to pair the food with the music. For example, with the Yves Francois show, “that food will be very New Orleans-oriented,” she said.

No two events will be identical. As such, if all goes according to plan, The Southern Stop will often change its menu and food offerings.

“I think as we move forward it’s kind of going to show us how to create it,” Cave said of how The Southern Stop will operate at House of Music. “He has his own energy, I think. I like not necessarily having all the answers because it’s quite open and we can try new things. It will also be the challenge of not knowing exactly what will happen each day. I also hope to bring new creativity into my kitchen.

“Challenges are exciting, even if they are challenges,” he said. “But I just sort of see the end goal of a lot of great food and entertainment.”

Buttleman said adding The Southern Stop could also bring more deals to his cafe.

“We’re going to work together on our breakfast menu here, which would be a bit House of Music Café style – lots of creative, fun, interesting and music-themed ideas,” he said.

As for the Bloomfield location, Lewakowski and Cave hope to retain it as a banquet center for The Southern Stop.

It’s a great place for private events, Cave said, adding that locals are “loyal” and might stay open on select days of the week in Bloomfield.

“I would like to stay connected to the community there,” she said.

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