This farm house could have the best Christmas light show in Illinois


The Christmas season means it’s time to bring out not only indoor decorations but also outdoor decorations. For some homes it’s a modest display while others bust out the interior Clark Griswold.

In the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation era, running 100 of those glowing bulky christmas lights would cost the homeowner about $ 12 on their electric bill. With LED Christmas lights, the comparative cost is only a little over $ 1.

The battle of the best

House-to-house, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, city-to-city, or city-to-city competition seems to intensify each year. This is not surprising considering how the technology is advancing more and more in a year.

What does it take to claim victory? If the towns and villages don’t have a real competition, they have to jump on it. If people go out of their way for fun or to brag, imagine if this was a competition?

Thorne Road, Marengo, Illinois

Not far from downtown Marengo, Illinois is a farmhouse that deserves to be bragged about because its house is literally lit up.

Make no mistake but the image above is not a one-color farm

. It is also not a two-color display.

This awesome display is a multi-color display that offers an impressive light show with music included.

If the children in your life are fans of Frozen (or you are yourself) this farm is definitely a place you’ll want to see in person.

See the video here.

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