What to expect at The Field House


Everyone has that bar they call home. For me, there were three where I spent a lot of my time in college. Only one of them is still around with the closure of The Cedar and Tanner, and that’s Country house, the subject of our last stop at the bar. So many memories were made (and forgotten) at the bar located at 3825 E. 17th St. right across from Wichita State University. I’ve probably been there more times than I’ve attended classes. Now that life is different for me with my family, I don’t get by much, but I try to get by when I can.

The Field House is where I started playing competitive darts. This is the first bar I’ve walked into as an adult of legal drinking age without needing a fake ID. It was the place where I could go without fear of being surrounded by pretentious people. When friends are in town, it’s a meeting place to catch up. The Field House is even where Megan and I first met many years ago.

Some people might try to take their first date somewhere fancy for a drink, not me. I like to set the tone for who I am and The Field House is about that and the kind of vibe that I like. What you see is what you get, nothing fancy about it and no need to sugar coat it. Enjoy the moment.

I’ve been going so long that I can usually walk in and see at least one or two people I know. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter because the guests all have the same “we’re just here to relax and unwind” attitude. It certainly helps that the drinks are cheap, which is rare for a bar north of Kellogg.

Everything you want in a dive bar is at your disposal; plenty of seating and an endless array of beer and liquor, dart board, covered patio, pool table, jukebox, foosball and more. The ceilings are lined with jugs that have been decorated. I had one over 20 years ago, but I’m 99% sure it’s gone.

If you like darts, they usually have darts tournaments every Wednesday.

And if you ever have a bad day, The Field House is there to help you take your mind off things.


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