Woodchester Mansion Lodge House for Sale with Sage Residential


A VICTORIAN lodge house with a fascinating history has been put up for sale.

Scarhill is the old pavilion of Woodchester Mansion.

It was designed by Benjamin Bucknall, who also designed the mansion.

The mansion is a Gothic Revival style house which remains unfinished to this day.

The lodge and mansion are both located in Woodchester Park in Woodchester, near Nympsfield.

See drone footage of the chalet here:

Scarhill is said to have been built around 1860 for William Leigh.

The property was occupied by descendants of William Leigh after his death in 1873, primarily his granddaughters Blanche and Beatrice, who, like Leigh, were devout Catholics.

The Misses Leigh were responsible for founding St Joseph’s Church in Nympsfield and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, founded after much controversy and campaigning in 1903.

They were also behind the playground on Tinkley Lane, which they donated to the village in 1936 in memory of King George V, and which is still a very important part of the community of Nympsfield today.

The current owners of Scarhill, whose descendants have owned the property since the Miss Leighs lived there, have preserved fascinating records of the Leigh sisters’ involvement in these ventures.

This historic home is currently for sale by Sage Residential.

For details, call Becky Sage on 01453 860980.


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